My Evening Walk in Oslo

Tonight I had some time to walk around Oslo and take some photos after work. I went up to Akershus Fortress and Castle in the snow and looked out at the beautiful view. It was just after sunset,  which is quite early during winter months and the city lights were glittering across the harbour.
Here is the panoramic photo I took up at the castle


View of Oslo from Akershus Castle

I really like the vibe of this city. It’s peaceful and feels like a relaxed pace with friendly people. Work and meeting new people has been a great way to find out more about people here, their culture and I’ve even tried out a few Norwegian words. I’m quite bad at the pronunciation right now but I’m practising. I’m really looking forward to getting up early (unlike me! ) and exploring a bit more tomorrow before my train. There are a few museums and places further out of Oslo I would love to have gone but that will need to happen next time. There will be a return to Norway, I’m almost sure! Great first impressions of this city


The bright lights of Oslo in winter

Have you visited Oslo? Did you enjoy your time here?


  • Sarah says:

    I would really love to visit Norway – it is one of those places I keep meaning to go to, but haven’t yet. I will though!

  • Claudia says:

    I should quote Sarah. But I have a reason: they say it is the most expensive country in Europe!!

  • Nice idea to explore after dark. I’ve found there’s such a different vibe in so many places depending on which day and what time you visit. Norway sounds and looks so interesting.

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