Why I Love Travelling Between England and Scotland

Swathes of green and gold pass in a flash of colour as vibrant as an artists palette. Dashes of emerald, spots of mahogany and an abundance of powder blue fill my vision as we dash past. Everything coming in streaks and zooming in and out of my sight.

A cow, some sheep, a bird flies along beside me as we fly along the coast. The swoosh and smooth speed of our steadfast journey has my mind racing as my body rests in comfort. We slow at points and stop. There is a hustle and bustle but soon we are again on our way. Determined and soon striking a fast pace through a dark tunnel, I look around at others reading, eating, talking. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed. I have time to indulge and immerse my mind in the passing scenes.

Where am I? Is this a dream?

Nope, its good old train travel! My favourite way of travelling is overland. Living in the North East of England, I am in a very central position to get down to Wales or the South of England and also to pop up to Scotland. This is so easy and quick via train.

I can be in London in three hours for around £50 return (if booked in advance) or Edinburgh in less than two hours for around £35 or Manchester in two and a half hours for around £40. Basically its cheap and great. That’s not my favourite part though.

Some routes are incredible and this is my favourite thing about travelling from England to Scotland on the east coast…

Beautiful Countryside in Northumberland

Beautiful Countryside in Northumberland

The stunning views!

The landscape in this region is worth visiting just to see it. Gorgeous countryside and striking coastlines in all weathers. Stormy days at the coast are by far my favourite. We used to play a game of standing watching the waves swell and crash against the barriers on the North East coast. We were never in any danger because the defenses are strong and the waves don’t come up nearly as high as I thought as a child. The power of nature was the real shock. I think I still love the reinvigorating feeling of storms now. So much energy.

Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland Coast

Above the River Tweed

Yesterday, I travelled this route and it was a very calm, bright day. Soothing after a business meeting! I love this spot which opens up all of a sudden. You’re sat hurtling along directly over the river with a view of where it meets the sea. The quaint town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed ambling below.



Later, the coastline comes into view with ruins and even a golf course right by the cliff drop to the sea. As we whizzed by, I caught a glimpse of a herd of sheep grazing by the edge of the east coast. Every few minutes, there is a new scene or set of colours blending before your eyes. Fantastic views.

Sheep by the East coast

Sheep Grazing by the Sea

Practical Advice

Its good to check before you set off on your journey if there are delays or cancellations. I’ve found the replacement services excellent throughout the UK but its always good to be prepared.

Take a book, some music, pen and paper or a laptop if you don’t like sitting watching the world go by. There are power points available in each carriage.

Book around 12 weeks in advance if possible! On sites like TheTrainline or National Rail, you can set up email alerts for ticket sales. I’ve had some great deals and often travel to London first class for the same price as standard carriages.

Take a couple of snacks or water with you for a long journey to keep costs down. There are buffet cars and a snack trolley on most services as well as toilets in each carriage so you have all of the facilities you need.

Relax, don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the ride.

Do you like train travel? Have you taken any trains in the UK?


  • I love travelling by train especially in Japan and working our way through the Australian long distance routes. I’ve only taken a few longer train trips in the UK and they were a long while ago. This looks like a beautiful route to enjoy the scenery flying past the window.

  • Aww this brought back memories, I used to train it down from edinburgh to newcastle every few weeks to see my boyfriend when I was at uni. Now I’m living in the north east – a trip to scotland is long overdue!

  • Globalmouse says:

    What gorgeous photos and now I’m so regretful that tomorrow I travel to Scotland and I’m flying! What beautiful countryside…train travel, when time permits, is the absolute best.

  • I love the east coast route up to Edinburgh too. I’ve visited Lindisfarne and some of the Northumberland coast and it is a stunning part of the UK…

  • Jen says:

    I’m just starting to do more train travel – I can see what you mean about it being a great way to go across country. I haven’t done much in England but am looking forward to the opportunity.

  • Olga says:

    I think travelling across the countryside is always the best experience! Seeing those fields, and all that greenery, and, of course, those cute sheep, just somehow always elevates my mood and calms me down!

  • lesleycarter says:

    Wow! So beautiful! I still haven’t visited Scotland but it’s high on my list.

  • Looks like a fun way to go! Beautiful scenery! Did they offer WIFI?

  • donoghuemc says:

    Totally agree with you – there’s no better way to travel than overland – especially when you’ve got such magical scenery between London and the UK! I always used National Rail while I was living in London – we actually flew into Scotland when we visited, though took the train throughout England extensively, and totally agree – the countryside is stunning!!

  • Will Bowie - Deep Travel says:

    Without sounding to much like Sheldon off Big Bang Theory…I love trains. I had the best journey from London to Edinburgh and back a few years ago. Great read and loved reminiscing, looking at the photos!
    Well done! Will

  • I love train travel! I got a taste taking a train from Southampton to London. I really enjoyed riding through the beautiful countryside. I would love to return and take train trips though Scotland as well. Thanks for all the practical info!

  • Oh! the views! Loving all the beautiful sceneries! I think train is a great way to travel and be able to see everything Earth has to offer.

  • I love train travel. To me, it’s the best way to go — comfortable, civilized and just slow enough to see some of the country without being crammed into a sweaty bus. BTW, I Love the pic of the sheep …

  • Tara says:

    Beautiful photos. I am writing from Vermont, USA and the landscape seems very similar. Not many trains to speak of in this part of New England, so for me it all seems very romantic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Robyn Clifford says:

    What beautiful photos! I’ve always loved the UK, but this makes me want to give it a closer look!!

  • I totally agree, I love Northern England (my home) and Scotland, and have made the journey there and back more times than I can remember. I’m so glad the SNP bid for independence failed. I would not like to have passport control between the two!

  • I love train travel and from these pictures, I would really enjoy traveling between England and Scotland.

  • I wish I could travel to Edinburgh so easily! Especially by train, as the scenery is truly amazing!

  • You’ve instilled a fair amount of jealousy with this post! I wish I could get to places like Wales and Scotland so quickly and easily. Love the photos. Scotland is my travel dream (read: obsession).

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