Ildikó Konyhája – Great Hungarian Food in Budapest on a Budget

Less than a minutes walk from the Chain Bridge on the Buda side of the river, you will find the best value Hungarian food restaurant. Ildikó konyhája (Ildiko’s Kitchen) is a small restaurant close to the apartment I stayed at in Budapest. It is owned, managed and the food is cooked by a local family. From the outside, it looks like a humble and basic place but everyone comes here for the food.

I liked the atmosphere and relaxed but fast service of this great little place. Its rustic, traditional and quite kitsch and it makes you feel really comfortable. The price and size of the portions were the best I found in Buda and all of the food on the menu was traditional Hungarian fare. The perfect place to grab a meal after a day of sightseeing.

Ildiko Konyhaja

Ildiko’s Kitchen street sign

I walked through the door and was greeted straight away and taken to a table at the right hand side next to the small brick wall separating the dining area from the kitchen. There were customers at all of the tables and people were chatting and looked relaxed. I looked around and felt like I was in a Hungarian home. Textiles and pots adorned the walls. There were Hungarian phrases and traditional photos and paintings hung around the room.

Traditional interior Ildiko Konyhaja

Traditional decoration

Traditional decor at Ildiko Konyhaja

Traditional interior with kitchen utensils

Hungarian Menu at Ildiko Konyhaja

Chalkboard Menu in Hungarian

Traditional decor at Ildiko Konyhaja

Very kitsch décor. Every restaurant needs a ceramic pig!

After I got a local beer, I managed to take some photos of the dining space (as people left so they didn’t feel stalked while eating!). It was a small space but didn’t feel cramped. The tables were spaced out enough to be private and there were enough seats to serve six tables of people. I always think its a good test of a place if a lot of people speak the local language and know the owner. This place had a good few people in from the local area.

Small restaurant with a few tables

Small restaurant with a few tables

Looking at the menu, I found some great Hungarian options at very budget friendly prices. I decided on the beef stew with dumplings. It was prepared fresh and didn’t take long to be at my table. Main meals here are either small or large options and cost between 360 HUF/1.15 Euro and 1950 HUF/6.20 Euros. Desserts were 350-450 HUF/1-2 Euros and worth it!

English Menu at Ildiko Konyhaja

English Menu at Ildiko Konyhaja

At Ildiko Konyhaja

A day of sightseeing made me ready for stew and beer!

Hungarian Beef Stew and Dumplings at Ildiko Konyhaja

Hungarian Beef Stew and Dumplings at Ildiko Konyhaja

It was a good sized portion and the beef stew was flavoursome and filling. Real comfort food which I was looking for after a long day of walking and climbing up to Buda World Heritage site. I was encouraged to try a dessert. I don’t take much encouragement! I opted for the traditional Hungarian sponge. The best decision I made that day!

Hungarian Sponge Cake and Cream at Ildiko Konyhaja

Hungarian Sponge Cake and Cream

This dessert was delicious. I recommend it to anyone visiting Hungary. Its a mix of sponge, chocolate, a creamy custard layer and some chopped nuts with cream on top. It was the best sweet end to a great value meal.

Dessert at Ildiko Konyhaja

Don’t leave any evidence! Great dessert

Have you visited Ildikó Konyhája? Does this sound like a good option for you and your budget?

Disclaimer: I was hosted as a blogger by Ildikó Konyhája and received my meal for free but my opinions as always are my own and this is a genuine recommendation


  • Looks delicious! I love restaurants like this. We found a gorgeous little family run Jewish restaurant in the Jewish district of Krakow a few years back. While the food was simple, it was exactly what we were after on a cold rainy night. Its one of my most memorable dining experiences. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s brought back many memories for me!

  • dannielle says:

    Looks lovely katie! Budapest is high on my bucket list, I’ll have to see if there are flights from newcastle. I’ve never tasted Hungarian cuisine!

  • I really should know better than reading a food post while I making dinner! That Hungarian pudding looks delicious.

  • OMG I fell in love with Budapest – and it’s food. So many restaurants with great food and for a really affordable price. It really is a backpackers heaven.

  • Oh that looks absolutely delicious and SO cheap!!!!

  • I enjoyed my travels in Budapest last year and not to mention the delicious hungarian food

  • Thank you Kate! Budapest is on my bucket list, surely your post will be useful. After the trip, did you try to make some Hungarian dinner by yourself? I always try to recreate at home what I eat when I’m abroad 😉

  • I knew nothing about Hungarian food. Thanks for teaching me something new. I’ll probably be in Hungary next year, I’ll use that knowledge.

  • Looks delicious and the price range you mentioned is very reasonable. Your recommendation couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m actually visiting Budapest for a few days next month. I’ll be sure to visit Ildikó Konyhája and try some of those dumplings and sponge dessert 🙂

  • Everytime I explore a new city, I always try to find the good local places to eat. It looks like you spotted one in Budapest, which is great. I love how the restaurant looks as well and that the people who eat there know the owner.

  • tundermanoka says:

    Hello Kate, thank you for the recommandation, we are really happy, that you had so good experiences in our restaurant, we hope, we can see you again! 🙂 Best wishes! 🙂
    Ildikó and the team 🙂

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