North East England Great Sport Events

Today is another big day for North East England. Recently we have had some brilliant sport events and now the big one has arrived…

I’m a rugby fan so its fantastic to be able to say we are hosting some of the Rugby World Cup games in the North East! I’m ready to start supporting at home with my family and also at work. We have a sweepstake (I got Italy in the draw) so I will be excitedly watching and hoping for a win. I will also be supporting the England team of course. Swing low sweet chariot!

Its great to have so many important sports events up in the North East. We already have premiership football and my rugby team the Newcastle Falcons playing each season but we have some big one-off races and competitions too. This summer has been pretty special for sport. First we had the Tour of Britain. This is the UK’s most prestigious cycle race and stage 4 and 5 came through the beautiful county of Northumberland.

I didn’t get to go and support due to work but the video at the top and the photo below show this fantastic cycle race. Thanks go to Samantha at North East Family Fun for the great video and to Andrew Gray, a local photographer for the stunning photo.

Tour of Britain lead cyclists in Edlingham village by @andrewsgray

Tour of Britain lead cyclists in Edlingham village, Northumberland. Photo credit : Andrew S Gray

I was recently a spectator at the Great North Run 2015 and had a morning full of cheering and witnessing the determination and strength of over 57,000 runners. It is still one of the most uplifting days for me. I ran it last year and will do it again in the future. I loved the route and seeing iconic parts of my home region. It gives everyone a big boost and invites people from all over the world to come and enjoy the North East.

The Great North Run

The Great North Run

The North East England sport events always have a great atmosphere and the ones I attended this year were safe and positive. I don’t go to nearly enough sport games but I will try to support local competitions more now. I think that great things happen when people get behind each other and give a bit of support.

One of the best bits is feeling part of something big. The chants and singing your team’s song or cheering and clapping. That feeling of elation when England score or you see an Olympic runner like Mo Farrah run past. The display from the Red Arrows is incredible each year during the Great North Run. It all adds to the excitement.

The Red Arrow fly by at the Great North Run

The Red Arrow fly by at the Great North Run

Now we welcome rugby teams from all over the world. I couldn’t be more proud!


Tyne Bridge in Newcastle displaying the RWC sign

The North East of England is a very vibrant and exciting place to live right now. For people visiting, look into the great sport events being held here. I’m sure there will be many more in the future.


  • sue says:

    My Facebook feed is filling up with my UK friends posting stories and photos from the Rugby and its making me very jealous and anxious to get back home. I was lucky enough to be in London during the olympics and the atmosphere was just amazing, I think the Brits really do know how to put on a great sporting event.

  • I’ve seen the Red Arrow showcasing their skills at Farnborough. Love that they fly by at the Great North Run too! Especially love that photo, btw.

    P.S. Woot! Woot! Rooting for England too for this Rugby World Cup! 😉

  • msfinchy says:

    “One of the best bits is feeling part of something big” so very very true that it makes me homesick! Enjoy the rugby 🙂

  • Sounds like there are some great sports in NE England. I have never watched rugby before, but I believe that England would be the perfect place to do it!

  • As someone who grew up in Farnborough i’ve seen the Red Arrows so many times and they never get boring. Always the highlight of the Air Show 🙂

    And yes Rugby is here 😀

  • kami says:

    Sadly I’m not into any of these sports but I understand traveling for sport events so well! Back in the high school and university times I was really into winter sports (especially nordic combined and ski jumping) and each season I went to couple of competitions in my country and abroad. Not only I could enjoy the events but also visit some nice places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise 😉

  • I am both a rugby fan and a cyclist – It seems everything happened when I moved to Greece! Still, I am watching the Rugby World Cup from afar – Come on England!!

  • Lots of cool sporting events here Kate. I’m a big fan of sports travel having travelled specifically for sporting events tons of times in the past. I’d love to check out the Red Arrows air show some day. Looks really interesting and like nothing I have seen in person before.

  • I agree with you, I think that the best part in attending an event like this is being apart of something big. I’m not a huge sports fan but when we visited England we did hit up a few soccer matches, and even though we don’t necessarily follow the game, it was amazing to be part of the atmosphere. Really loved being a part of sports in England. Thanks for the post!

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