Part-Time Travel – Spring Destinations

Spring has finally sprung! Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing and you want to go on holiday. This is fantastic news because spring destinations can be cheaper, offer great weather and lots to see and do. I asked some of the top travel bloggers for their spring recommendations and here is our list.

Spring destination The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Laura at Savoured Journeys

Spring is the perfect time to visit the Netherlands. Spring is when the miles and miles of tulip fields bloom. From Amsterdam, it’s an easy drive to the northern-most point of the flower strip – called the Bollenstreek. The drive begins around Haarlem and continues south through Lisse, home to the famous Keukenhof Gardens, which is touted as the most beautiful spring garden in the world. The route ends in Naaldwijk, where you can watch the famous flower auctions. I’ve always wanted to take a bike ride through Holland to see the flowers, the windmills and stop off at kase (cheese) shops along the way. I think that would make a fantastic spring trip.

Spring destination Victoria BC

Victoria British Columbia

Danie at Like Riding a Bicycle

While the rest of Canada is still freezing away, the flowers are blooming, and the smell of fresh cut grass spreads through the air in Victoria. You can walk around without ten layers nor boots, and the vendors have started selling handicrafts down by the inner harbour. This is the perfect time to visit Victoria, while it’s warm but the tourists haven’t yet come out in the thousands. Stroll down to Fisherman’s Wharf for some fresh fish and to check out the quirky floating houses, or go for a walk through Beacon Hill park to check out world’s largest totem. The options are endless, and finally, the weather will allow it!

Spring destination Nepal


Vicky at Vickeblueyes

If you’re seeking a place where locals welcome you into their home with warm smiles and a hot cup of chai, where thrill seeking adventure collides with unparalleled scenes of natural beauty, head over to Nepal. The resilient locals will be ecstatic to see visitors from all over the world tour their peaceful and unique country once again. Spring is the perfect time to visit as there are less crowds because hiking isn’t in peak season, the temperature is pleasant and rhododendron flowers hang in lofty branches, decorating the path and perfuming the sweet smelling air. Visit Pokhara where a number of treks begin, adventure sports are on offer and tourist sights to explore, as well as the calm lake which paints a scene of tranquillity: a perfect place to recharge batteries, or reflect.

Spring destination - Crete


Karen at The MonkeyFooted Mummy

There truly is no better time to visit Crete than at Easter (but do check the Greek Easter dates as our calenders are different) it’s a time for family and celebration, with entire villages coming together for bonfires, fireworks and of course slow roasted lamb everywhere you look. The people of Crete are happy to share their traditions and  offer hospitality to all around and we have always been welcomed to join in celebrations, meals and church services. The weather at this time of year is beautifully warm with cooler evenings but mostly pleasant and bright, and with only and 3.5 to 4 hour flight time this is one island you will be happy you decided to visit. It has certainly won our hearts year after year.

Spring destination Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria

Maria at Travelling Buzz

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a great city for a short break in spring not only because it’s super cheap but because of the city’s true authenticity. Although mass tourism is trying to find its way to lure tourists with sleek brochures, you’ll most likely stumble upon the genuine Eastern European charm. The delicious cuisine, rich history and culture will surprise you, while some dilapidated and scrawled buildings stray dogs and city chaos may confuse you. Well, many times it confuses the locals too so you’ll definitely have an authentic experience. And the spring makes Sofia so colourful and vibrant that you don’t want to miss that!

Spring destination Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe Thailand

Stefan at Nomadic Boys

In the spring time in Thailand it gets so hot, what better way to enjoy the heat then sipping a Singapore Sling or a Mai Tai on a beautiful tropical island. Koh Lipe in Thailand is our favourite place for this. It’s a small island in Southwest Thailand in the Andaman Sea, close to the Malaysian border. We particularly fell in love with Sunrise beach, which is where we stay each time we visit this tropical island gem.

Spring destination New Orleans

New Orleans

Christine at One Intrepid Life

New Orleans is a vibrant, 300-year old city located in the heart of America. Here you can revel in phenomenal food, music, nightlife, history, and the outdoors, all in as little as a long weekend. Spring is one of the best times to visit New Orleans, after the Mardi Gras crowds (and high prices) are gone. The weather is warm, and the city’s festival season kicks into high gear. From St Patrick’s Day celebrations, to outdoor music concerts, to the famous French Quarter Fest, you’ll find spring in the Big Easy so enchanting, you’ll want to return every year.

Spring destination England


Ron and Michele at Legging It

Robert Browning the poet once wrote ‘Oh to be in England  Now that April’s there, as a lament of how he missed England during Spring. I can understand his feeling well on seeing  the beautiful crocus’s pushing their coloured heads through the grass and the daffodils with their yellow faces brightening the gardens after a dreary winter. My favourite is  the simplicity of the bluebells, blooming  throughout the woodland they truly show Spring has arrived.. While often overlooked at this time of the year England is well worth a visit to enjoy the unique beauty of Spring.

Spring destination Singapore


Sharon at Wheres Sharon

Spring is a great time to visit Singapore. The weather does not vary much in Singapore year around, but you will find some fabulous events in Spring. In September, you can go to the Formula 1 Grand Prix or Singapore International Festival of Arts. There’s also the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. In October, there’s the colourful Indian festival of Deepavali to look forward to. Combine this with all the usual and amazing attractions and food in Singapore, and it’s a fabulous destination!

Spring destination Paris


Daniela at Jump The Lights

Paris is always a good idea, but tourist season or the winter weather might get to you. I`ve been to Paris in mid-February for few days with only a backpack. The sky was cloudy but the weather warm – as in the perfect time to visit the whole city on foot. Every morning I have been taking my breakfast in local pubs and I couldn`t be more surprised when I`ve found only locals and just one or two tourists, compared with my last visit in the middle of summer. For sure, Eiffel Tower and Louvre will always be full of tourists, but if you`re looking for the Parisian subculture, spring time is the perfect time for you!

Spring destination Japan


Matilda at The Travel Sisters 

Although I think any season is a great season to visit Japan, springtime is a little extra special thanks to Japan’s celebrated sakura (cherry blossoms).  Basically, parks and riverbanks are overtaken by delicate pink flowers and visitors keen on indulging in some hanami (cherry blossom viewing).  Depending on the visitor, hanami can involve anything from a couple having a leisurely picnic to a sake-fueled party underneath the blossoms.  The cherry blossoms are fleeting (they last less than a few weeks) but as they are in peak bloom in various regions at different times, check out the Japan Weather Association for an up-to-date cherry blooming forecast.

Spring destination Krakow


Carol at KarolinaPatryk

Krakow is the most beautiful city of Poland. Everybody will find something for themselves there. If you like party and the nightlife- that’s great! Krakow has the highest density of clubs in the world. If you are an architecture lover, you will fall in love with Krakow as well. It has many amazing monuments and a beautiful Old Town. If you are looking to relax, you can visit one of Krakow’s spas or just take a slow walk to Kazimierz.

Spring destination Norway


Ryazan at Two Monkeys Travel Group

Norway is more than just Oslo. The vibrant capital city of Norway is just the tip of the iceberg; there is more to see and explore in this beautiful country. The picture won’t do justice, and there won’t be enough adjectives to describe the natural landscape of Western Fjords. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can explore the Arctic circle, hunt the Northern Lights and meet the Polar Bears of Norway. There are loads of things that you can do and visit in Norway. You can go to Kirkenes and sleep in the snow hotel, explore Svalbard and meet the Polar Bears, hop off and take lovely photos of the North Cape, enjoy the Midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø, go fishing in Lofoten island, and experience the cultural walk in Trondheim.

Spring destination Tanzania


My recommendation is East Africa. I loved this part of the world and will go back. I visited during the dry season and for tourists, it was packed and accommodation was expensive in places. After researching, I would go back during the shoulder seasons, like spring, to avoid crowds on safari and get cheaper deals. Beware, the rainy season is humid and you will need to prepare for the African rains. The wildlife and incredible culture will more than make up for any bad weather.

What do you think of our spring destinations? Where would you like to go?


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