My #BigBerry home in Slovenia

I was so impressed by the design houses at Big Berry camp, I did a quick video just to show you around. The phrase luxury of freedom is mentioned quite a lot and I started to understand the concept well as I stayed in this place. Space and freedom is the fundamental gift. A large area to relax in, a place where outdoor and indoor merge, and a joining of man-made and nature.

The cleverly crafted mobile homes have everything you can possibly need to enjoy your time away. Electricity, hot water, comfortable beds, even a jacuzzi! Every available inch of the place is designed to house all of the facilities and storage with minimal fuss.

The outdoor space is fantastic too. They have purposely built only a few houses here so that it is spacious and not over-crowded. This philosophy really works for a retreat. You are been given an exclusive area and it really is one of the best ways to switch off. They redefined what I know about space and showed me how much I’d missed this freedom.

I’d flown in from a couple of days in London and didn’t realise how much I needed a break. Cities are crowded and noisy but I have really gotten used to that shared space feeling. Squashed on the tube or sitting almost on top of the next table at a restaurant. We have no space and we have constant noise. Connection is about people talking, television, phones and moving from one place to another. The commute and the daily grind that stresses people out. I’m so tired by the weekend and I have deadlines so sitting at a computer is as connected as I get. That’s not really freedom. Disconnecting helped me to understand how to nurture myself by getting space and feeling free from the noise.

Silence. Stars. Space.

Its amazing how a few days away can recharge you and thanks to Big Berry, I’m still feeling energised.

Disclaimer: I was given this accommodation, my food and all activities by Big Berry. My views are, as always, my own.


  • Noel Morata says:

    What a great tour, loved seeing the hut and would definitely have used that hot tub right away!

  • Jo says:

    Big berry is all the rage lately. I would love to go check it out myself – one of the reasons I loved this video tour so much – I practically imagined myself in the jacuzz with a wine glass in my hands lol

  • It’s amazing how a few days can recharge you. I loved the video tour of Big Berry.

  • carla says:

    Yes, once in a while it is really helpful to recharge. Your video looks inviting! I don’t think you can ever pull me out of that jacuzzi!

  • This a true Glamping experience! Love the jacuzzi!!
    Have heard amazing things about Slovenia, Bigberry looks like a perfect place to relax and recharge during a trip!
    Enjoy it!


  • I haven’t gone glamping but I’d really like to. I’m not much into regular camping. I like a few amenities after a day outdoors. The cabin looks perfect with everything you’d need. I’ll have to look more into Bigberry when I plan a trip to Slovenia.

  • This looks like a great experience especially the idea of just leaving city life behind and heading out into the wilderness. Sounds like a great way to take a break – especially with the jacuzzi!

  • I havent tried glamping but I wouldn’t mind experiencing it. Berry camp has its appeal. I would like that. Plus—- it has a jacuzzi. OMG! I love.

  • Meg Jerrard says:

    Glad you had the chance to disconnect for a bit and get away 🙂 I’ve actually heard about Big Berry from a few people now, so will have to get myself over to Slovenia for a stay!

  • Dave says:

    You had me with the jacuzzi. Haha! This place can really make you relax and get disconnected from the busy world. This is a nice way to recharge. 🙂

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