Ankle Rehab & Coca-Cola’s #ParkLives

ParkLives Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola's ParkLives

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’ve had a rough time with an ankle injury recently. I fell down three steps and did this much damage yet I’ve traveled around the world and had very few medical emergencies. Typical. So as I sat in a London hospital contemplating my pain and the increasing swelling, I didn’t think months later I would still be recovering and trying to heal.

I spent two weeks off work and I’m not good at staying in the house! Hobbling and unable to put weight on my foot for the majority of that time, I was also trying to start a new fashion trend by wearing one moon boot. It didn’t take off and I was very uncomfortable during the hottest week. The prescribed treatment was to elevate regularly and get the frozen peas on the swelling. I was taking painkillers and felt quite rubbish. It did start to get better slowly but at the six week follow up appointment, I was told it hadn’t healed enough to be discharged. More frustration!

I travel for work and had recruitment events to attend so after the two weeks at home, me and my friend the boot took to the road. It was tough but I managed to limp around London and get some work done.

Beamish accessibility

Me and the boot at Beamish Museum

It’s been a long and frustrating journey but with some support I’m finally able to walk (slowly) again without the sexy boot. So after consultations at the hospital in Gateshead and strengthening exercises, its time to start some light exercise.

Swimming is a good idea and any walking would really help. I started to search for good exercise for ankle injuries and kept coming up with gentle stretches, then I was contacted by Coca-Cola with a really cool campaign – ParkLives. This is something I was instantly drawn to and wanted to get involved with. It promotes local park areas and encourages people to get outdoors where they live. Perfect! I discussed with them and saw the timetable. They had some great gentle exercise events like tai chi, yoga and nordic walking.

I’m really excited to spend the rest of the summer doing more in parks around the North East. I definitely want to start with Tai Chi in Jesmond Dene then maybe head to Exhibition Park in Newcastle and see what they are offering too. We have so many beautiful green areas around my home region and its time to make the most of them.

If you’re in or near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and you would like to join in, some of the parks on the list are:

  • Paddy Freeman’s
  • Nunsmoor Park
  • Jesmond Dene
  • Heaton
  • Blakelaw
  • Tyne Riverside
  • Gosforth Central

Make sure to check the full list of locations, timetable information and finally sign up for the events.

Have you taken part in any activities with Coca-Cola’s ParkLives? Which activity would you do and which park would you like to explore?

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