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I’m Kate, I’m 30 years old and I caught the travel bug 9 years ago. After a round the world trip, a year living and working overseas and various other jaunts, I have decided to tell some of the stories I’ve featured in and some of the tips I have picked up along the way.

I have travelled solo to around 45 countries and counting. These include China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Kenya and Tanzania. I live in the UK currently and have travelled extensively throughout Europe for work and leisure.

By day, I work for a university in International student recruitment and admissions and in my spare time, I blog here, host a Twitter chat called #PTTravel and I am leader of Newcastle Travel Massive. I’ve started to write for other publications, won a Lonely Planet competition for Best in Travel 2015 tweets and I’m now listed in the top 100 UK travel blogs.

I’m very passionate about understanding cultures, their heritage and seeing as much of a country outside of usual tourist spots as possible. I love good value and travel on a budget. I try to travel overland as much as time permits and to use local services.

I believe travel is good for everyone and there are so many ways to explore a new place and culture. I hope I can inspire people to go out and have their own adventures and learn about other places around the world. Keep an open mind and be positive!

I’m PR friendly and happy for you to contact me with questions or comments.


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